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NEWSLETTER                                                   No. 2, 2006~
A global goodwill, interfaith newsletter spotlighting newsworthy  articles, events, people, and information in world affairs.


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"Wisdom is the light of truth, the knowing, the real, which enables us to help.
The Will-to-Good is the light of Wisdom in the action of loving understanding, compassion, 
and,  pure-practical reasoning." - CJ Wheat
"The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose." - Ghandhi

"Let reality govern my every thought, and TRUTH be the Master of my life." - DK

A.  Articles -,,,,             G
             , World Invocation Day.

LEAVEN COLLECTION FOR THE POOR - Jerusalem Youth Interfaith Encounter
"With the latest tragedies in Israel and Palestine threatening to shatter the uneasy truce of the past year, it feels heartening to read stories of Muslims, Jews, and Christians engaging in constructive face-to-face dialogue and action. The Interfaith Encounter Association is a network of a dozen or so "encounter" groups in Israel, including the Jerusalem Youth Interfaith Encounter. This spring, these youth struck upon a unique service project: gathering leaven from Jewish households that would otherwise go unused during Pesach and distributing it to Arab families."
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COMMIT TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Fight Global Warming, Vatican Tells U.N.
"The international community must commit to sustainable resource management policies that place the needs of the human family and protection of the environment above commercial and industrial concerns, the Vatican's representative to the United Nations told a May 11 session of the U.N. Economic and Social Council’s Commission on Sustainable Development." To find out more about URI, visit
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COMBATING HIV/AIDS Demands Creative Partnerships, Religious Leaders Say 
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the recognition of HIV/AIDS as a new disease. In early June the United Nations held a "High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS" to review world progress toward lessening the impact of this pandemic. On the eve of the meeting, dozens of groups representing every world religion gathered for a prayer service and a press conference addressing the need for urgent action beyond mere words and declarations."
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USAID Announces Funding For The Inter Religious Campaign Against Malaria
"Malaria does not discriminate between Muslims and Christians." The Inter Religious Campaign Against Malaria in Mozambique, working with the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., USA, was recently awarded a major grant to fight malaria from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)."
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"In this issue, we are revisiting the idea of service as it is expressed by the new group of world servers today. Drawing on the work done in London, New York and Geneva over the Festival Week in December 2005, we will explore how the new group is helping to ground the theory and practice of Living Synthesis in the world. Themes addressed in Reflections on World Service (Newsletter 2005 #4) are picked up again, and examined from slightly different angles. The apparent simplicity of this topic may be deceptive. The idea of a group of people who are linked by a common purpose is nothing new – but a purpose as grand in scope as world service is new. Moreover, world service is as complex, organic and diverse as the world itself; and by the same token, so are the world servers. Yet there is something subtle, intangible, telepathic even, that unites them into a coherent whole. They are not an organisation, but something much more needed........."
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INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR TIBET                                                                  G

The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. Founded in 1988, ICT is a non-profit membership organization with offices in Washington D.C., Amsterdam and Berlin.

"A group of famous mountaineers, ICT members and staff, and supporters reached the summit of Mt. Whitney on Friday, June 16, and raised more than $38,000 in pledges and donations. The climb, including legendary climbers Conrad Anker and Peter Croft, launched "50 for Tibet," an initiative of ICT members to climb the highest peak in every state within a one year period - an average of one peak per week, ending on Alaska's 20,320 foot Denali.."

"Each climber donated and/or raised funds which went to the Rowell Fund for Tibet, a program of the International Campaign for Tibet that gives grants up to $5,000 to Tibetans in India, Nepal, Tibet and elsewhere. The Fund focuses on environmental and women's issues, and photography and journalism, in honor of Galen and Barbara Rowell, who were prominent advocates for Tibet before a tragic plane accident took their lives in 2001
. "

"Among the climbers was a young Tibetan scholar from Tibet who requested anonymity so that he could return to Tibet and carry on his work. Two years ago, he was one of the Tibetans who had received a Rowell Fund grant."

In 2005, we will continue to work vigorously for the freedom  for all Tibetan political prisoners.       

Climbers on Summit of Mount Whitney on Friday, June 16 2006. Copyright Tony Rowell

"The voiceless Tibetans inside Tibet are counting on us to speak up."
Please make a tax-deductible, donation to support ICT's work in the coming year.

John Ackerly, President

"MERCY CORPS is a non-profit organization that exists to alleviate suffering,
poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, just communities."

Mercy Corps Relief
Latest updates -                                                                      G     
"Mercy Corps is helping Indonesian earthquake survivors put temporary roofs over their heads and meet their critical needs. Our emergency teams are also supplying communities with the tools they need to start their recovery."

Juari (right) and his wife sit in what remains of their house, sheltered by a tarpaulin provided by Mercy Corps. 
Photo: Debbie Tomasowa/Mercy Corps

"Please visit today and see how you can join our efforts."

"We need your help to ensure critical aid and assistance to children and families.
Mercy Corps' programs in Sudan, India, and throughout the world, are helping provide poor families hope for the future--one child at a time."   


Your click on the "Give Free Food" button at The Hunger Site funds food for the hungry, paid for by site sponsors whose ads appear after you click, and provided to people in need around the world through the efforts of Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest.

"WORLD INVOCATION DAY"                                                                                        G

A World Day of Prayer, Invocation and Meditation.  An Invitation to Men and Women of Goodwill.

"World Invocation Day is a world day of prayer when men and women of every spiritual path join in a universal appeal to divinity and use The Great Invocation (translated into nearly 70 languages and dialects). Together they focus the invocative demand of humanity for the light, the love and the spiritual direction needed to build a world of justice, unity and peace.
Each year since 1952, people everywhere have celebrated World Invocation Day, joining in the affirmation of the oneness of humanity, the livingness of our relationship to God and the responsibility of humanity for the working out of the divine Plan on earth."

"Will you join in observing World Invocation Day - June 11, 2006 (reciting upon morning rising, noon, and before the evening retire) through the united use of the Great Invocation, and will you help to make this widely known?"
For more information contact World Goodwill.  


From the point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men -

The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

"The above Invocation, Mantra or Prayer belongs to all Humanity. There are certain central truths and laws that are accepted by all people worldwide, inherently and rightly so, - the truth of a Being of the Highest Power Whom we contribute all things known and unknown, governing, guiding, motivating energies of power which are the just laws of the universe - LOVE."
(See Externalisation of The Hierarchy, pg 26...; Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, pg 148...;
The Reappearance of The Christ
, pg 31; Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, pg 138 - Alice A. Bailey)

The definition of religion, which will in the future prove of greater accuracy than any yet formulated by the theologians, might be expressed as follows:  Religion is the name given to the invocative appeal of humanity and the evocative response of the greater Life to that cry." - D.K.  (See "The Reappearance of The Christ")        

B.  Books and Authors                                                                                                         G

"SUFISM": KEY CONCEPTS IN THE PRACTICE OF SUFISM1" - by M. Fethullah Gülen " 'The heart is the home of God; purify it from whatever is other than Him so that the All-Merciful may descend into His palace at night.' Though simple in outward appearance, Fethullah Gülen is original in thought and action. He embraces all humanity, and is deeply averse to unbelief, injustice, and deviation. His belief and feelings are profound, and his ideas and approach to problems are both wise and rational. A living model of love, ardor, and feeling, he is extraordinarily balanced in his thoughts, acts, and treatment of matters." 

"INSPIRATIONS FROM AN ANCIENT WISDOM" - At The Feet Of The Master -Krishnamurti( Alcyone ),  
Light On The Path - Mabel Collins, The Voice Of The Silence - Helena P. Blavatsky. -
When he was a boy, Krishnamurti, writing as Alcyone, set down the simple precepts for right living published as At the Feet of the Master. This lucid guide to the spiritual life has inspired millions around the world. Mabel Collins, a ninteenth-century British writer, collected forty-two aphorisms for right living which are as current for today's seekers as they were when they were first published as Light on the Path. Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of The Theosophical Society, set down her own guide to the spiritual life in the mystical and poetic masterpiece The Voice of the Silence."

"CELEBRATING SILENCE "- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  - "Celebrating Silence is a collection of the weekly discourses (1995 to 2000) organized by theme rather than by chronological order. Sri Sri discusses topics ranging from doubt and fear to love and dispassion. He describes what it means to be on a spiritual path."

GOD IS "by Shonda LeJeune -   "A child's introduction to God: a journey of childlike wisdom in search of answers to Who, What, and Where is God? Against a background of colorful illustrations for little ones. There are lessons here for heart and mind; and understanding others."

"THE POWER OF INTENTION:" Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way - by Wayne W. Dyer - "After years of spiritual study and reflection, inspirational speaker and best selling author Wayne Dyer has emerged a highly esteemed teacher. His current message about tapping into the power of intention may sound like good old positive thinking: just stay focused on what you want, rather than focusing on the lack of having what you want. But the teaching here goes deeper than just controlling thoughts (although he does acknowledge that thought control is a surprisingly challenging and significant endeavor). This book might help readers land a be ..."

C.  Health and Well-Being                    

"There is no Well-Being without the reality of TRUTH - Truth as we know and understand it." -  CJ Wheat

Citizens for Health, the national grassroots advocacy organization committed to protecting and expanding natural health choices, submitted a Citizen Petition to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) calling on the agency to revoke its approval of sucralose, better known as the artificial additive, Splenda. Sucralose is a highly processed chemical sweetener manufactured with chlorine in a factory in McIntosh, Alabama, in a process that releases such toxins into the environment as cyclohexane."

“There were potential public health concerns regarding sucralose that were dismissed by the FDA when they first approved this synthetic additive,” said Jim Turner, Esq. chairman of the board of Citizens for Health. “People should also know, however, that there has not been a single human clinical study on the finished product, Splenda.”

"Meanwhile, health concerns and adverse event self-reports are mounting as consumers are currently turning to Web sites and chat rooms to document their experiences with Splenda. Consumers have begun to allege that they have suffered health side effects from use of......"
Read on at 

"About Citizens for Health
Citizens for Health is an international non-profit consumer advocacy group working to broaden healthcare options, create an integrative health system based on wellness, and advance the freedom to make health choices. The group promotes the fundamental policies needed to improve health choices and information in the U.S. and internationally. The group works with grassroots and education organizations and partners in the not-for-profit sector to ensure consumer access to dietary supplements, safe foods, a healthy environment and a wide range of healing therapies. Citizens for Health fosters active citizen leadership and organizes natural health consumers to create political and legislative solutions that support those rights."

For more information click (

Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948) "Truth alone is eternal, everything else is momentary. It is more correct to say that Truth is God, than to say that God is Truth. ... All life (and truth) comes from the one universal source, call it Allah, God or Parmeshwara."

D.  Events   2006                                                           G                                                     

May 03  -  "World Press Freedom Day"     
For information click 

May 17  - 
"World Telecommunication Day"
For information click 

May 22  -  "International Day For Biological Diversity"
For information click 

May 21  -  "International Aids Candlelight Memorial"
For information click 

May 31  -  "World No Tobacco Day"
For information click 

June 04  -  "National Hunger Awareness Day." 
 Go to our Home Page and click 'The Hunger Site'.

June 05  - 
"World Environment Day"
 For information click 

June 11  -  "World Invocation Day"
 See Article above for 'June 11, 2006' A World Day of Prayer for all Men and Women of Goodwill.

August 12 - "International Youth Day"
For information click 

September 21 - "World Day of Peace" ("Peace Event Week" September 17 - 24)
For information click   (2006 Event information will post by early September.)

United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (1997-2006)
International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010)
United Nations Literacy Decade (2003-2012)
International Decade for Action: Water for Life (2005-2015)

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